Anatomy : how it works

A guy's app can be seen as a single application. It could be true for app & cef mode.

Under the hood : it's basically 2 things:

For app & cef mode : guy run the two in a windowed app. (there is one server & one client)

For server mode : guy run the server, and a classical browser can be a client, when connected. (there is one server & many clients)

In all cases : the http server serve the client as a html component. And the client communicate with the server with a websocket.


Although there is always a http server running, under the hood. Only the one in server mode is listening wide ( to accept connections from all the world ;-). Thoses in app/cef mode are listening on localhost only (can't accept connections from another computer)

Technically : it's the marvellous tornado, an asynchronous networking library which handle http & socket. So guy can work for python >= 3.5 (ready for raspberry pi !)