How to migrate from wuy

(wuy is the ancestor of guy)

  • Replace all wuy keyword in your py files, by guy
  • Replace all wuy in html/js files, by guy (for core methods) or self (for those which you have declared in your class) ... see (client side)
  • Replace wuy.Window/wuy.Server by guy.Guy
  • .get() & .set() configs are replaced by self.cfg (py side) and guy.cfg (js side)
  • Rename your web folder to static folder, if needed.
  • At launch, get the instance, and apply one of theses methods:
    • : for classical "app mode"
    • instance.serve() : for classical "server mode"

From wuy:


to guy:



Here is my biggest wuy's app migration to guy


if socket close : client will reconnect ! (it will not close the app, like wuy did)